WWII and Korean War Aircraft Nose Art


Web Urbanist gives us a great look into the evolution of war plane graphics. Originating with German and Italian pilots, military plane nose art has evolved into a distinctly American tradition, dating as far back as 1915 and peaking during the 40’s and 50’s. Always created by amateur artists, the practice generally focused on two subjects–women and war. The women were usually drawn in the distinct pin-up girl style of girl-next-door gone glamorous, while war themes largely were portrayed through fierce animals, screaming bombs, and by anthropomorphizing the nose into teeth-baring terrors. Cartoon characters also began to make frequent appearances on the noses of planes in the late 30’s and throughout the 40’s. While the practice still carries on, popular imagination will forever place the practice firmly in mid-century Americana.

Via: Swipelife

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